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We hope that you will enjoy reading about our church and its activities. Since its inception in 1861, St. John’s has been faithful to the mission set out by our founder, Father Edmund Wood: to uphold the fullness of Catholic faith and worship within the Anglican Communion.

We believe in the centrality of Catholic worship and are committed to serving God in ‘the beauty of holiness’ through the perfection of ritual, word, and music. ‘Openness to all’ is a fundamental characteristic of the parish. Such openness brings together people from a broad spectrum of origins, opinions, and life experiences, making the congregation diverse, interesting, and stimulating.

St. John’s is characterized by a strong sense of Catholic tradition: an orthodox and faithful theological and doctrinal outlook, a caring and compassionate attitude on moral and social issues, a full liturgical calendar, a liturgy faithful to the Western Rite, a rich and varied musical offering, and a diverse devotional life.

In addition, St. John’s is defined by its location near the city center, universities, shops, offices, and theaters. We are now delighted to find ourselves within the Quartier des Spectacles. Our church is officially partnered with this municipal project, and we are experiencing a revival of our parish as a venue for concerts and cultural events. The construction of many new housing units in our area is also heralding a return of a residential presence to this part of the downtown core.

Our congregation is a mixture of people from throughout the Montreal region, and from as far away as upstate New York and Vermont. Our parishioners find at St. John’s the respect they are seeking and the ‘sense of holiness’ that enriches their lives. The parish also attracts people from other denominations seeking a more traditional style of worship, and a greater openness.

The present priest is The Rev. Keith Schmidt, who was inducted as the ninth rector of the parish on June 1, 2000.

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