Renting Church Facilities


Church facilities are available for the purposes of musical events, performance space, rehearsals, workshops, television/motion picture filming, etc.

For performances, there are three excellent venues in the building: the parish hall, the center nave, and the organ gallery. A number of small vestibules in the church may easily accommodate recording equipment, if necessary.

All interested individuals or groups are invited to contact our Rental Manager by e-mail or by telephone: (514) 288-4428. Arrangements will then be made to meet and discuss any proposal to rent the church, parish hall, or any part thereof. Also, special arrangements can be made to rent the organ, but that will be at the discretion of our resident organist, and subject to his approval and oversight.


The parish hall contains a stage with two side exits, floor-mounted stage lighting. There is adequate space for rehearsals or performances to take place on the main floor of the hall, which can accommodate an audience size of up to approximately 100 people. The parish hall’s excellent acoustic is ideal for informal, intimate performances, and is particularly suitable for music and dance rehearsals. A rehearsal piano is available in the parish hall.


There is adequate space for up to 50 (standing) or 20 (seated) performers in the front of the church.  Performers must supply their own piano, risers, and lighting. The church contains chairs, rather than pews, that are physically connected in groups of five. Audience seating in the church is flexible (chair units may be moved), and depending on the seating configuration, the church can seat up to 250 people.


For performances requiring the use of the organ, such as a solo voice or organ recital, the gallery is an excellent performance venue. Professional lighting is provided by three high-powered spotlights mounted from the ceiling of the church, turned onto the gallery. The organ is a mechanical-action instrument of 30 stops built in 1984 by Hellmuth Wolff & Associates, considered one of the finest organs in the city.

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