Organizations & Activities

As a downtown church, St. John’s is home to a vibrant community of people with diverse backgrounds, interests, and talents. Here are some of our groups. Parishioners – old or new – are always welcome!

The Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament

The Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament (or ‘C.B.S.’) began as a devotional society in the Church of England in 1862. The aims of the Confraternity are:

  • to honour the Person of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament of His Body and Blood
  • to pray for one another at the Eucharist
  • to observe and promote careful preparation for Holy Communion, including the Eucharistic fast

Our ward of the Confraternity is known as St. Margaret’s Ward. One of the tasks which The C.B.S. has done through the years has been to supply needy parishes with material needed for proper Eucharistic worship. A collection is taken up at each meeting with this in mind, and an impressive list of gifts has been given over the years. For more information about the Confraternity, please speak to one of the Clergy, or visit The C.B.S. web site.



The Liturgy and Music Committee


This committee meets periodically for discussion of the liturgy and music in the parish. We look back on past services and plan for future events. The meetings are open to anyone in the parish who wishes to attend. The goal is to maintain the quality of our services and to integrate clergy, servers, musicians and parishioners in the act of worshipping God in the beauty of holiness. Please speak to one of the Clergy if you would like to participate.


The Outreach and Membership Committee

The Outreach and Membership Committee works to raise the profile of St. John’s, increase our presence in the city, and reach more people with the ministries we offer. Originally focusing largely on better communicating and marketing the strengths of the Anglo-Catholic tradition we practice here, the committee’s work has evolved to broadly encompass an examination of the ways that we engage, serve and welcome those in our community. To learn more, please speak to Ms. Beth Reed at the church, or to one of the Clergy.


The Evangelist


‘The Evangelist’ is St. John’s quarterly publication. If you have any articles of interest (spiritual reflections, social commentaries, book/film/music reviews, coverage of events, etc.) that you would like to contribute, please contact the editor, Dr. Tony Whitehead.

Lending a hand


Interested in being a Lector (the person who reads the Lesson at the Services), or  assisting to upkeep the church, or putting your culinary skills towards our Sunday coffee hours and special events? Please speak to one of the Clergy or to one of our Wardens. Your help in these areas – and many others – is always welcome and appreciated!

As well, we are always looking for those interested in becoming Acolytes (those who assist at the Altar at Mass), Crucifers (those who carry the processional cross), and Thurifers (those who handle the censor filled with incense).

Please speak to one of the Clergy or to one of the Servers for more information about Altar Serving.


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