The latest issue of The Evangelist – February 2019


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Smoke Signals is not a parish publication; it is written and privately distributed by parishioner Peter Harper. Yet it would never have existed outside a parish like ours. It arose in 1995 as a response to a delightful but short-lived (1994-1996) leaflet produced by the choir called Square Notes that dealt with the music programme and choir life. Smoke Signals was in a way a response of the front of the church, the sanctuary guild, to the back of the church. Reproduced here are topics relating to church life, catholic customs, and the grandeur and foibles of Mother Church. Despite the irony and sometimes the “tongue-in-cheek-ness” of the style, the reader should feel the deep underlying love of the author for the G Tradition of Western Christianity.

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A copy of Clever Cooking for Careful Cooks – a cookbook created by ‘a few Ladies of the Church’ in 1888 as a fundraiser for the construction of the new school and parish house – is available online. To read it, click here.



To learn more about the Mass (its development in Britain over the ages, and the components of the Service), read this study by parishioner Peter Harper, a member of St. John’s Liturgy and Music Committee.


When do we do it, and how do we do it? To read about the Liturgical Year as celebrated at St. John’s, click here for a commentary, written by parishioner Peter Harper.

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